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Table 1 Key words and search terms and string

From: The prevalence of women’s emotional and physical health problems following a postpartum haemorrhage: a systematic review

Key words Search terms/String
Postnatal period TI postnatal OR AB postnatal OR TI post natal OR AB post natal OR TI post-natal OR AB post-natal OR TI postpartum OR AB postpartum OR TI post partum OR AB post partum OR TI post-partum OR AB post-partum OR TI “postnatal period” OR AB “postnatal period” OR TI “post natal period” OR AB “post natal period” OR TI “post-natal period” OR AB “post-natal period” OR TI “postpartum period” OR AB “postpartum period” OR TI “post partum period” OR AB “post partum period” OR TI “post-partum period” OR AB “post-partum period” OR TI puerperium OR AB Puerperium OR TI peripartum OR AB peripartum OR TI peri partum OR AB peri partum OR TI peri-partum OR AB peri-partum OR TI “peripartum period” OR AB “peripartum period” OR TI “peri partum period” OR AB “peri partum period” OR TI “peri-partum period” OR AB “peri-partum period” OR TI peripartum period OR AB peripartum period
Postpartum haemorrhage TI PPH OR AB PPH OR TI postpartum haemorrhage OR AB postpartum haemorrhage OR TI post partum haemorrhage OR AB post partum haemorrhage OR TI post-partum haemorrhage OR AB post-partum haemorrhage OR TI postpartum hemorrhage OR AB postpartum hemorrhage OR TI post partum hemorrhage OR AB post partum hemorrhage OR TI post-partum hemorrhage OR AB post-partum hemorrhage OR TI obstetric haemorrhage OR AB obstetric haemorrhage OR TI obstetric hemorrhage OR AB obstetric hemorrhage OR TI major obstetric haemorrhage OR AB major obstetric haemorrhage OR TI major obstetric hemorrhage OR AB major obstetric hemorrhage OR TI massive haemorrhage OR AB massive haemorrhage OR TI massive hemorrhage OR AB massive hemorrhage OR TI massive obstetric haemorrhage OR AB massive obstetric haemorrhage OR TI massive obstetric hemorrhage OR AB massive obstetric hemorrhage OR TI severe haemorrhage OR AB severe haemorrhage OR TI severe hemorrhage OR AB severe hemorrhage OR TI severe obstetric haemorrhage OR AB severe obstetric haemorrhage OR TI severe obstetric hemorrhage OR AB severe obstetric hemorrhage OR TI severe blood loss OR AB severe blood loss
Women’s emotional and physical health problems TI women’s health OR AB women’s health OR TI womens health OR AB womens health OR TI woman’s health OR AB woman’s health OR TI womans health OR AB womans health OR TI health outcome OR AB health outcome OR TI health outcomes OR AB health outcomes OR TI adverse outcome OR AB adverse outcome OR TI adverse outcomes OR AB adverse outcomes OR TI pregnancy outcome OR AB pregnancy outcome OR TI pregnancy outcomes OR AB pregnancy outcomes OR TI puerperal disorder OR AB puerperal disorder OR TI puerperal disorders OR AB puerperal disorders OR TI maternal morbidity OR AB maternal morbidity OR TI maternal morbidities OR AB maternal morbidities OR
TI mental health OR AB mental health OR TI mental disorder OR AB mental disorder OR TI mental disorders OR AB mental disorders OR TI mental disease OR AB mental disease OR TI mental diseases OR AB mental diseases OR TI emotional wellbeing OR AB emotional wellbeing OR TI emotional well being OR AB emotional well being OR TI emotional well-being OR AB emotional well-being OR TI emotional health OR AB emotional health OR TI postnatal depression OR AB postnatal depression OR TI post natal depression OR AB post natal depression OR TI post-natal depression OR AB post-natal depression OR TI postpartum depression OR AB postpartum depression OR TI post partum depression OR AB post partum depression OR TI post-partum depression OR AB post-partum depression OR TI postnatal distress OR AB postnatal distress OR TI post natal distress OR AB post natal distress OR TI post-natal distress OR AB post-natal distress OR TI postpartum distress OR AB postpartum distress OR TI post partum distress OR AB post partum distress OR TI post-partum distress OR AB post-partum distress OR TI postnatal stress OR AB postnatal stress OR TI post natal stress OR AB post natal stress OR TI post-natal stress OR AB post-natal stress OR TI perinatal mental health OR AB perinatal mental health OR TI perinatal mental health problems OR AB perinatal mental health problems OR TI peri natal mental health problems OR AB peri natal mental health problems Or TI perinatal mental health problem OR AB perinatal mental health problem OR TI peri natal mental health problem OR AB peri natal mental health problem OR TI postnatal anxiety OR AB postnatal anxiety OR TI post natal anxiety OR AB post natal anxiety OR TI post-natal anxiety OR AB post-natal anxiety OR TI postpartum anxiety OR AB postpartum anxiety OR TI post partum anxiety OR AB post partum anxiety OR TI post-partum anxiety OR AB post-partum anxiety OR OR TI postnatal anxieties OR AB postnatal anxieties OR TI post natal anxieties OR AB post natal anxieties OR TI post-natal anxieties OR AB post-natal anxieties OR TI postpartum anxieties OR AB postpartum anxieties OR TI post partum anxieties OR AB post partum anxieties OR TI post-partum anxieties OR AB post-partum anxieties OR TI postnatal psychosis OR AB postnatal psychosis OR TI post natal psychosis OR AB post natal psychosis OR TI post-natal psychosis OR AB post-natal psychosis OR TI postpartum psychosis OR AB postpartum psychosis OR TI post partum psychosis OR AB post partum psychosis OR TI post-partum psychosis OR AB post-partum psychosis OR
TI physical health OR AB physical health OR TI physical health problem OR AB physical health problem OR TI physical health problems OR AB physical health problems OR TI health problem OR AB health problem OR TI health problems OR AB health problems