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Table 2 Percentage of women who responded “Don’t Know” to survey questions

From: Measuring progress in maternal and newborn health care in Mexico: validating indicators of health system contact and quality of care

Client question N a % “Don’t Know”
Immediately after the delivery of your baby, did anyone give you a medication or injection called oxytocin to help your uterus contract/become firm? 592 38.3
Did anyone give you medication or an injection called ‘oxytocin’ before you delivered the placenta? 414 52.9
While you were at the health facility for the birth of your baby, did you receive a HIV test? 596 23.7
Did you or anyone else give anything to the baby to eat or drink within the first hour after delivery? 593 21.4
Did the health provider(s) wash their hands with soap and water or use antiseptic before examining you? 592 19.4
Just after the delivery of your baby, in the first few minutes after the delivery of your baby, did anyone give you medication intravenously (through a through a tube in your arm)? 547 7.7
Was your baby dried off with a towel immediately, within a few minutes after his/her birth ? 593 6.6
About how long after birth was your baby bathed for the first time? 573 19.7
In your first physical examination/check after delivery, did a health provider check your belly to see whether your womb was becoming firm after the birth of your baby? 597 5.9
  1. aSample sizes vary by question due to the number of women who responded to each question. Note: In “Don’t Know” responses were excluded in the validation analysis. High ‘Don’t Know’ indicators were considered to be those questions to which greater than 5 % of women responded “I Don’t Know”