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Table 1 List of MeSH terms and the text word terms used for exposure and outcome

From: Association between maternal nutritional status in pregnancy and offspring cognitive function during childhood and adolescence; a systematic review

Exposure: Maternal nutritional status during pregnancy Outcome: Childhood and adolescent cognitive function
MeSH terms Text word terms MeSH terms Text word terms
“exp body weight/or exp body mass index/or exp anthropometry/or exp body size/or exp skinfold thickness/or exp nutrition assessment/or exp nutritional status/or exp mothers/or exp pregnancy/or exp malnutrition/or exp diet vegetarian/or exp haemoglobin/or pregnancy complications/or exp anemia/or exp folic acid/or exp folic acid deficiency/or exp vitamin b12 deficiency/or exp ferritin/or exp iron, dietary/or exp cholecalciferol/or exp pyridoxine/or exp vitamin b complex/or exp riboflavin/or exp thiamine/or exp vitamin D/” “maternal nutrition or maternal anthropometry or pregnancy nutrition or antenatal nutrition or intrauterine nutrition or gestational nutrition or maternal undernutrition or prenatal nutrition or maternal BMI or maternal micronutrients or vegan mothers or vegetarian mothers or macrobiotic mothers or maternal folate or maternal folic acid or maternal vitamin b12 or maternal cobalamin or maternal vitamin D or 25 hydoxy vitamin D or maternal cholecaliciferol or maternal haemoglobin or maternal iron or maternal B vitamins or maternal vitamin b1 or maternal vitamin b6 or maternal vitamin b9 or maternal b vitamins or maternal anaemia or maternal diet” “exp child/or exp child development/or exp adolescent/or exp neurobehavioral manifestations/or exp child, preschool/or exp cognition, physiology/or exp attention/or exp memory, long-term/or exp memory, short-term/or exp memory/or exp intelligence tests/or exp psycho motor performance/or exp child psychology/or exp decision making/or exp psychometrics/or exp intelligence/or exp mental competence/or exp cognition/or exp motor skills/or exp language development/or exp learning/or exp verbal learning/or exp problem solving/or exp perception/or exp thinking/or exp executive function/or exp function/or exp human development/or exp adolescent development/or exp speech/or exp mental processes/ Cognitive function or intelligence or IQ or executive function or psychomotor development or cognitive performance or cognition or educational attainment or cognitive ability or cognitive deficits or intellectual ability or learning or memory or language development.
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