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Table 2 Maternal morbidity and mortality indicators associated with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

From: The burden of maternal morbidity and mortality attributable to hypertensive disorders in pregnancy: a prospective cohort study from Uganda

Indicator Overall ratio Case-specific ratio
The case-specific maternal near miss incidence ratios (ratio of near miss due to hypertensive disorders per 1,000 live births) 8.60 Severe preeclampsia 3.06
Eclampsia 5.11
Chronic hypertension 0.15
HELLP syndrome 0.27
The case-specific severe maternal outcome ratio(ratio of maternal death plus near misses from hypertensive disorders per 1,000 live births) 9.37 Severe preeclampsia 3.25
Eclampsia 5.61
Chronic hypertension 0.15
HELLP syndrome 0.35
The case-specific maternal mortality ratio(maternal deaths per 100,000 live births) 780 Severe preeclampsia 1940
Eclampsia 503
Chronic hypertension 0.0
HELLP syndrome 770
The case-specific severe maternal mortality index (maternal deaths divided by total deaths plus maternal near misses) as a percentage 8.3 Severe preeclampsia 6.0
Eclampsia 9.0
HELLP syndrome 22.2
The case-fatality rate for hypertensive disorders(proportion of deaths out of the total number of patients presenting with specific complications) as a percentage. 5.1 Severe preeclampsia 2.3
Eclampsia 17.8
HELLP syndrome28.6