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Fig. 2 | BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

Fig. 2

From: AURORA: bariatric surgery registration in women of reproductive age - a multicenter prospective cohort study

Fig. 2

Scheme of measuring moments. = online data collection. = fasting blood sample. = bariatric surgery. = pregnancy. = birth. = measuring moment. = breast milk samples. T1 (before surgery), T2 (3 weeks after surgery), T3 (3 months after surgery, T4 (6 months after surgery), T5 (12 or X months after surgery), T6 (1st trimester of pregnancy), T7 (2nd trimester of pregnancy), T8 (3rd trimester of pregnancy), T9 (birth), T10 (6 weeks postpartum), T11 (6 months postpartum)

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