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Table 3 Interview topic guide for stakeholders

From: Opinions of maternity care professionals and other stakeholders about integration of maternity care: a qualitative study in the Netherlands

Definition of integrated care
• Viewpoint of the organisation.
Knowledge of integrated maternity care
Integration of care within region. Development within own organisation.
Influence of the socio-political context on integration of care
• Does integration of maternity care fit within the political development?
• Does integration of care complement the needs of women?
• Does the media play a role in the development of integrated care?
Characteristics of the organisation
• The ideal structure
• Level of teamwork
• Hierarchy
Collaboration between professionals
• Division of responsibilities
Characteristics of the adopting person/stakeholder on integration of care
• Do you expect support from your colleagues, other stakeholders or patients?
• Needed competencies
What is needed for successful integration of maternity care?
• Characteristics of innovation (e.g. protocols, finances, education)
How can integrated care be implemented?
Facilitators and inhibitors
Roll of participant’s organisation