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Table 2 Pattern matrix RMC scale, 2014

From: Development of a tool to measure women’s perception of respectful maternity care in public health facilities

RMC Items Components Communality Component label
1 2 3 4
Q232 I felt that health workers cared for me with a kind approach 0.811     0.724 Friendly care
Q211 The health workers treated me in a friendly manner 0.792     0.669
Q233 The health workers talked positively about pain and relief 0.789     0.604
Q237 The health worker showed his/her concern and empathy 0.777     0.677
Q227 All health workers treated me with respect as an individual 0.731     0.632
Q205 The health workers spoke to me in a language that I could understand 0.724     0.598
Q207 The health provider called me by my name 0.703     0.599
Q224 The health worker responded to my needs whether or not I asked   0.826    0.725 Abuse-free care
Q208 The health provider slapped me during delivery for different reasons (R)   0.820    0.765
Q238 The health workers shouted at me because I haven’t done what I was told to do (R)   0.781    0.725
Q216 I was kept waiting for a long time before receiving service (R)    0.897   0.743 Timely care
Q225 I was allowed to practice cultural rituals in the facility    0.710   0.587
Q219 Service provision was delayed due to the health facilities’ internal problem (R)    0.684   0.666
Q222 Some of the health workers did not treat me well because of some personal attribute (R)     0.840 0.76 Discrimination-free care
Q218 Some health workers insulted me and my companions due to my personal attributes (R)     0.820 0.718
  1. (R): Items are reverse coded
  2. Extraction method: Principal component analysis
  3. Rotation method: Oblimin with Kaiser normalization