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Table 1 Items deleted during analysis for different reasons, 2014

From: Development of a tool to measure women’s perception of respectful maternity care in public health facilities


Reason for deletion

Q202 Some health providers showed me an intimidating gesture (R)

Low communalities

Q206 I was left alone after delivery for a long time (R)

Q203 The counseling sessions were held in a private area

Q234 The health workers provided coaching on breathing and relaxation

Q204 The health workers talked to me and my companions politely

Q201 The health provider greeted me and my companions before service delivery

Q209 The health worker didn’t mention anything that he/she was performing (R)

Q231 The health workers showed active involvement during contraction

Q236 I felt like the health workers tried to move things along for their own convenience (R)

Q221 The health worker encouraged me to open my legs during labor

Q210 I was detained in the facility because I didn’t have enough money to pay for the service I was given (R)

Low factor loading

Q213 The couches were separated by privacy screens during examination

Q215 Some health workers do not treat all patients equally (R)

High cross loading on two or more factors

Q217 My consent was requested for all procedures performed

Q226 The health provider helped me to try different delivery positions

Q229 During delivery, the health worker draped or covered me to protect my privacy

Q230 The health workers used a reassuring touch

Q220 My companions were allowed to enter the delivery room during delivery

Q212 I was told that I can refuse a procedure if I don’t like it

Q223 All health workers treat patients equally

Q214 The health workers shouted at me for different reasons during contraction (R)

Decrease cross-correlation

Q235 I felt there was inappropriate touching of genitals/thighs during the exam (R)

  1. (R): Items are reverse coded