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Table 1 Time line MOTHER trial

From: Early nasogastric tube feeding in optimising treatment for hyperemesis gravidarum: the MOTHER randomised controlled trial (Maternal and Offspring outcomes after Treatment of HyperEmesis by Refeeding)

  T0 T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7
Randomisation +1 week + 2 weeks + 3 weeks + 4 weeks until GA 20 weeks Birth 6 weeks post-partum 12 months post-partum
 PUQE X X X X X    
 Current weight X X X X X    
 Medication use X X X X X    
 Dietary intake X X X X Xa    
 General health X        
 NVPQoL X X   X     
 HIS X X   X     
 HADS X X   X    X X
 SF-36 X       X X
 EQ5D   X      X X
 SCL-90 X        X
Biobank material
 Maternal blood X        
 Cord blood       X   
 Placental biopsies       X   
  1. PUQE pregnancy unique quantification of emesis and nausea score, NVPQoL nausea and vomiting in pregnancy quality of life questionnaire, HIS hyperemesis impact of symptoms questionnaire, HADS hospital anxiety and depression scale, SF-36 short form 36, EQ5D euroQol 5 dimensions questionnaire, SCL-90 symptoms checklist 90
  2. aIf dietary intake has normalised from GA 15 weeks onwards, this will be no longer recorded