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Table 1 Influencing factors for depression & negative psychological symptoms after stillbirth

From: From grief, guilt pain and stigma to hope and pride – a systematic review and meta-analysis of mixed-method research of the psychosocial impact of stillbirth

Influencing factors  
  Previous perinatal loss  
  Complications in index pregnancy  
  Poor support from partner  
  Increased time from index pregnancy  
  Increased maternal age  
  Psychological problems pre-existing  
  Gender (female)  
  Grief suppression  
  Death of partner (symptoms may re-emerge)  
  Not conceiving in future  
  Absence of living children  
  Personality traits  
  Not seeing/holding baby/saying goodbye  
  Lack of maternal pride  
  Single/divorced or widowed parent  
  Poor family support/social network  
  Increased number of pregnancy losses  
  Prolonged grief  
  History of sexual or physical abuse  
  Attending ultrasound in index pregnancy (males)  
  Lack of male support for fathers  
  Ambiguity of burial arrangements  
  One partner being ignored by HCP  
  History of infertility  
  Multiple pregnancy losses  
  Seeking cause of loss/blame  
  Delay in IOL after loss  
  Insensitive treatment by HCP  
  Poor ego strength (males)  
  History of stressful life events  
  Treatment/counselling/professional support  
  1. HCP Health care professional
  2. IOL Induction of labour