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Table 5 Summary of key results / findings unique to each KT format

From: Magnesium sulphate for fetal neuroprotection: benefits and challenges of a systematic knowledge translation project in Canada

  e-learning module Site visits B&F survey
Respondents accessed • Reached the largest number of participants across the widest geographic area • Reached fewer practitioners, but of a similar scope in terms of roles within health care • Most limited in terms of ‘other’ non-physician and non-nurse respondents
Barriers • Most restricted breadth of fears listed
• Insufficient knowledge most often identified in others
• Greatest spread of barriers across individual, institutional, and social levels • More social-level barriers compared with other formats
• Insufficient knowledge most often identified in respondent
Facilitators -* • Institutional-level most cited, followed by social-level • Institutional-level most cited, followed by individual-level
Knowledge needed • Greatest number of responses calling for further research • Information on administration cited most often • Least amount of information provided
Method • One-way • Two-way • One-way
Approximate cost • $10,000 • $17,500 (total) or $1750 per visit† • Negligible (assumption)†
  1. B&F (Barriers and Facilitators)
  2. * Facilitators were not included in the e-learning module format which was developed first
  3. † As academic health care centre employees, salaries were considered to cover educational activities such as for MAG-CP. Site visit costs were based on travel expenses