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Table 3 Document history

From: A study of an intelligent system to support decision making in the management of labour using the cardiotocograph – the INFANT study protocol

Version Date Comments
1. May 2009 Completion of first version.
2. Aug 2009 Minor edits to text throughout.
3. Oct 2009 Minor edits to formatting throughout.
4. April 2010 Minor edits to text.
5. May 2011 Minor edits to text.
6. July 2011 Minor edits to text.
7. Feb 2012 Minor edits to text.
8. Mar 2012 Minor edits to text.
9. May 2012 Change of sponsor from University of Oxford to University College London
10. Sept 2012 Updated contact details for trial staff
11. Oct 2012 Change wording of primary outcome definition from ‘NICU’ to ‘neonatal unit’.
12. Jan 2014 Inclusion of primary outcome review process, changes to introduction to match protocol v1, grouping of secondary outcomes as either major diasability or non-major disability