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Table 1 Sample prompts to be used in interviews with pregnant women

From: Pregnant women’s navigation of information on everyday household chemicals: phthalates as a case study

1.What does risk in pregnancy mean to you?
2.Do you think environmental exposures could impact your health?
3.Tell me about your access to resources throughout the pregnancy
4.Have you heard about Phthalates?
5.***Provide Patient with Information***
6.What else, if anything, would you like to know about phthalates?
7.What steps, if any, could you take to control your exposure to phthalates?
8.What role/responsibilities, if any, do your obstetrical care providers have regarding your health and health of your fetus?
9.Is there a point at which you think various parties should be providing you or the general public with information regarding potential risk? Why? Please expand.
10.If you knew about Phthalates what you know about other risks in pregnancy, would it change your behavior?