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Table 1 Summary of samples by country

From: Direct observation of respectful maternity care in five countries: a cross-sectional study of health facilities in East and Southern Africa

Country Facility selection criteria Number and type of facility Geographic coverage
Ethiopia High delivery caseload (≥5) 19 facilities; all hospitals 5 of 9 regions plus Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa
Kenya Nationally representative by facility type, region, and managing authority 170 facilities; 142 hospitals, 28 health centers/dispensaries All
Zanzibar High delivery caseload (≥1) program facilities 9 facilities; 5 hospitals, 4 health centers All
Rwanda Hospitals and randomly selected health centers by region 72 facilities; 42 hospitals, 30 health centers All
Madagascar High delivery caseload (≥2) and 3 program facilities 36 facilities; 27 hospitals, 9 health centers 17 of 22 regions
Tanzania mainland High delivery caseload (≥1) program facilities 52 facilities; 12 hospitals, 40 health centers/dispensaries 12 of 25 mainland regions