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Table 3 Questionnaire item responses regarding peer supporter experiences: shown as frequencies for the 24 parent supporters

From: Supporting parents following pregnancy loss: a cross-sectional study of telephone peer supporters

Item Always or most of the time Sometimes Rarely or never
Training provided by Sands has enabled me to be confident in my role 18 6 0
Upon completion of training I clearly understood Sands policies and procedures 19 4 1
Sands values its Parent Supporters 23 1 0
I have a clear understanding of what Sands expects of Parent Supporters 21 2 1
Sands has realistic expectations of Parent Supporters 20 3 1
I have effective strategies to help me "unwind" following a distressing call 18 4 2
I am able to contact someone at Sands for personal support and debriefing after a call if needed 21 2 1
Sands provides opportunities to connect with other Parent Supporters to enhance my role 13 10 1
I feel I can make a difference to other parents who have experienced pregnancy or newborn loss 23 1 0
I feel my role has helped me grow as an individual 22 2 0
As a Parent Supporter, I gain support for my own experience of pregnancy or newborn lossa 17 2 4
Overall, I find being a Sands Parent Supporter very satisfying 23 1 0
  1. aNot answered by 1 respondent