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Table 2 Psychosocial questions as contained in ObstetriX™

From: Obstetric and psychosocial risk factors for Australian-born and non-Australian born women and associated pregnancy and birth outcomes: a population based cohort study

History of mental health treatment Text field
Pattern of alcohol consumption Text field
Illegal drug usage Text field
Drug support needed Text field
Currently on drug support Text field
“Is there someone to talk to about your feelings or worries?” Yes / no / not sure / unable to ask
“Will you be able to get practical support after the birth of your baby?” Yes / no / not sure / unable to ask
“In the last 12 months have you had any major worries, stress or change?” no / financial difficulties / housing changes / relationship worries / significant isolation / loss or death / other / unable to ask
“Generally do you consider yourself a confident person?” No / yes / sometimes / unable to ask
“Does it worry you a lot if things get messy or out of place?” No / yes / sometimes / unable to ask
“Have you ever felt anxious or depressed for more than 2 weeks?” No / yes / unable to ask
If yes, “did any episode seriously interfere with your work or relationships?” No / yes
And “were any of these episodes of anxiety related to pregnancy or birth?” No / yes PND / yes – postnatal psychosis / other / not known
Child living away Text field
Department of Community Services Text field
Frightened by partner Text field
Would you like assistance with this Text field
Response to DV questions Text field
Other issues or worries Text field
EDS total score Text field
Answer to EDS question 10 Text field
Psychosocial assessment – issues identified? Text field