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Table 2 Questions for assessment and corresponding categories

From: The effect of a multi-component intervention on disrespect and abuse during childbirth in Kenya

Study methods and examples of Questions used Corresponding categories
Client exit survey  
Were you physically abused by any of the health care workers Physical abuse
Were you treated in a way that violated your privacy? Privacy violation
Were you treated in a way that violated your confidentiality Confidentiality violated
Did any healthcare provider talk or use a tone or facial expression that made feel uncomfortable? Verbal abuse
Were you or your baby prevented from leaving this facility because you could not pay Detainment
Were you left un attended by health providers when you needed care Abandonment
Observations of provider-patient interactions  
Provider did not obtain permission from the mother before the initial examination or did not seek the mother’s consent for the vaginal examination Non-consented care
When the provider did not use “dignified language” or using “harsh tones or shouting” during the history taking Verbal abuse
When either there were no separating partitions between the beds or the partitions didn’t provide privacy Lack of privacy
Delivery period  
Assessed as the staff being aggressive in any way and the midwife/nurse research assistant indicating whether it was physical aggression or verbal aggression (or both) Physical aggression
Verbal aggression
Assessed as the mother not being covered while being moved from pre-labor ward to the delivery room or not having closed partitions or being uncovered (excluding the perineal area). Lack of privacy
Postnatal period  
Was the mother not having a bed allocated only to herself Bed sharing