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Table 2 Key domains in the CROCUS interview guide

From: A routine tool with far-reaching influence: Australian midwives’ views on the use of ultrasound during pregnancy

Key domains
The midwives’ views/experiences of:
• The importance/value of obstetric ultrasound for clinical management of complicated pregnancy.
• The importance of obstetric ultrasound in comparison to other surveillance methods during complicated pregnancy.
• Clinical situations where the interests of maternal and fetal health conflict.
• Whether the woman may be considered to act as an instrument for fetal treatment.
• If/when the fetus can be regarded as a person.
• Situations where the fetus has been regarded as a patient with his/her own interests.
• Their professional role in relation to other occupational groups working with obstetric ultrasound examinations or the outcomes of these examinations.
• Other issues in relation to ethical aspects of the use of obstetric ultrasound.