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Table 4 Odds Ratios for poor fetal growth associated with medicated and un-medicated maternal psychiatric diagnosis

From: Maternal psychiatric disease and epigenetic evidence suggest a common biology for poor fetal growth

  ORa 95 % CI p-value
   Psychiatric diagnosis with no antidepressant use (n =36) 4.05 2.00–8.24 1.1 × 10−04
   Psychiatric diagnosis with antidepressant use (n =19) 4.42 1.69–11.56 2.4 × 10−03
   Psychiatric diagnosis with no antidepressant use 3.19 1.30–7.83 1.1 × 10−02
   Psychiatric diagnosis with antidepressant use 3.69 1.31–10.45 1.4 × 10−02
  1. aReference is those with no psychiatric diagnosis and no antidepressant medication use (n =358). Note: there was 1 participant on antidepressant medication with no reported psychiatric diagnosis in pregnancy but this group was too small to evaluate here
  2. bAdjusted for tobacco use, alcohol use, recreational drug use, first pregnancy vs. not first pregnancy, race (white, black, asian, or other race/unknown), insurance (public, private, military, self-pay), maternal age (<20, 20–34, and >34 years), maternal height, and maternal weight