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Table 2 Calculating the number of women treated for complications of unsafe abortions in a health facility in 2012, by region (based on women 15–49)

From: The estimated incidence of induced abortion in Kenya: a cross-sectional study

Region Women treated for abortion complication Live births among women 15-49b Women with LATE Miscarriagesa Women with LATE miscarriages treated in a health facilityc Women treated for unsafe abortion complications
Total 157,353 1,545,546 52,703 37,850 119,502
Central & Nairobi 31,506 351,943 12,001 11,005 20,501
Coast & N. Eastern 21,935 209,017 7,127 5,324 16,610
Eastern 12,124 222,435 7,585 5,112 7,011
Nyanza & Western 44,997 375,033 12,789 8,185 36,812
Rift valley 46,791 387,118 13,201 8,224 38,567
  1. aLate miscarriages are defined as any spontaneous abortion occurring after 12 weeks and before 24 weeks of pregnancy. Late miscarriages account for 3.41 % of all live births, so these were obtained from multiplying the number of live births by 3.41 %. The number of women with late miscarriages treated at health facility was obtained by multiplying the number of women with late miscarriages as above by the percentage of women who would be treated at a health facility (see description of methodology in text)
  2. bSource: Live births were computed by applying the general fertility rate from the 2009 KDHS to the projected (adjusted) number of women of reproductive age from the 2012 population projections from 2009 census
  3. cThe multiplying factor for the percentage of women with late miscarriages who were treated at heath facilities was estimated from KDHS’s estimated rate of accessing care for 2nd trimester miscarriages