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Table 3 Benefits and concerns of US Scan; women interviewed before US scan

From: “You cannot know if it’s a baby or not a baby”: uptake, provision and perceptions of antenatal care and routine antenatal ultrasound scanning in rural Kenya

Mothers’ views of benefits and concerns before US scan Number of women n = 34 (%)
Benefits of USS
Reassurance Knowledge of health of baby 30 (88)
Seeing 22 (64)
Confirmation of pregnancy 4 (12)
Confirmation of gestational age 13 (38)
Information Number of babies 6 (18)
Sex determination 1 (3)
Concerns of USS
Harming the baby The machine uses rays which could affect the baby 5 (15)
Harming the mother The machine used during the procedure could hurt the mother 5 (15)
Uncertainty of outcome Not being sure of state and condition of the baby and not knowing real reason for being asked to undergo US scan 3 (9)