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Table 2 Contents of the Baby Baskets

From: Empowering families by engaging and relating Murri way: a grounded theory study of the implementation of the Cape York Baby Basket program

Baby Basket #1 Baby Basket #2 Baby Basket #3
(Antenatal) (Perinatal) (Postnatal)
Baby bed (sleeper) Baby singlets (x5) Sipper cup
Shampoo and conditioner Breast pads Plastic fork, spoon, plate
Fine tooth comb Cotton baby wraps (x3) Educational soft toy
Bunjalbi tailored health education book Cotton wool balls First aid kit
Soap and soap holder Deodorant Towel
Sorbelene cream Emery board Soap family pack (x6)
Toiletry bag Baby grooming kit Band aides
Tooth brush and holder Hairbrush Educational book
Toothpaste Jumpsuits (x3) Apunipima backpack
Washers Maternity pads  
Apunipima tote bag Moist wipes  
Five $40 fruit and vegetable vouchers Cloth nappies (x6)  
  Nappy clips (x2)  
  Disposable nappies  
  Night dress  
  Shampoo and conditioner  
  Sorbolene cream  
  Toothbrush and toothpaste  
  Baby soap  
  Zinc cream  
  Apunipima bag