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Table 2 Major determinants of maternal satisfaction identified in the review

From: Determinants of women’s satisfaction with maternal health care: a review of literature from developing countries

Quality of Care Framework Themes Major determinants Minor determinants
(reported in five or more studies) (reported in fewer than five studies)
Access Convenience of access Distance & transport connectivity Access to drugs; opening and closing timings
Structure Physical environment - Good infrastructure, electricity, water supply, waiting area, seating arrangement, facility management (patient access and consultation systems, information channels, financial management)
Cleanliness Cleanliness, clean toilets, hygiene maintenance Housekeeping services
Human resources - Staffing adequacy, availability of doctors to manage emergencies, availability of nursing personnel
Medicines, supplies & services Availability of drugs and equipment Availability of - ‘good’ services; ambulance services; lab services; blood supply & transfusion services
Process of care Promptness of care Waiting time before admission or consultation Timely attendance, constant attention; prompt referral; immediate contact with newborn
Interpersonal behavior Respectful behavior by doctors, nurses and support staff Therapeutic communication; encouragement during delivery
Privacy & confidentiality Privacy & confidentiality during examinations and delivery -
Perception of ‘good’ care Length of consultation; completeness of procedures; perception of negligent care; perceived provider competence -
Cognitive support Prenatal counseling and health education Information shared with women about their condition and care; sense of ‘participation’ in the process; culturally sensitive communication
Emotional support Birth companion of choice Social networks of expectant mothers; support from family members
Preference for female providers Preference for female providers -
Cost Cost of care Financial cost of care Affordable drugs, availability of financial support for care
Outcome Delivery outcome - Healthy newborn; survival of maternal illness; successful labour outcome for mother & baby
Other determinants Maternal characteristics - Age, parity, whether pregnancy was intended, stress during delivery and postpartum
Socio-cultural determinants Literacy Ethnicity, religion, type of locality where facility is located, expectation of baby’s gender, positive impact of first experience of care