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Table 2 Adjusted mean scores of potential mediating variables according to pregnancy intention

From: Impact of unintended pregnancy on maternal mental health: a causal analysis using follow up data of the Panel Study on Korean Children (PSKC)

  Unintended pregnancy Intended pregnancy P value
Marital conflict 16.83 (16.25-17.42) 15.78 (15.42-16.13) 0.0019
Fathers’ participation in child care 13.85 (13.55-14.16) 14.48 (14.30-14.66) 0.0004
Knowledge of infant development 8.59 (8.40-8.78) 8.74 (8.62-8.85) 0.1904
  1. Data are mean (95% confidence interval). All variables were evaluated by mothers. Data are adjusted for maternal age, birth order, maternal education, paternal occupation and household income.