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Table 3 Baseline coverage estimates for interventions to reduce stillbirths and maternal and neonatal deaths

From: Triple return on investment: the cost and impact of 13 interventions that could prevent stillbirths and save the lives of mothers and babies in South Africa

Interventions Baseline 2014 coverage (%)
Interventions for stillbirth prevention
Syphilis detection and treatment 92
Hypertensive disease case management 40
Diabetes case management 10
MgSO4 Management of pre-eclampsia 75
Fetal growth restriction detection and management 10
Labor and delivery management  
 Essential care 22*
 Basic emergency obstetric care 13*
 Comprehensive emergency obstetric care 53*
Induction of labor for pregnancies lasting 41+ weeks 10*
Interventions for maternal and newborn health
Early detection and treatment of HIV in pregnant women 40
Tetanus toxoid immunization during pregnancy 77*
Antibiotics for preterm premature rupture of membranes 25
Antenatal corticosteroids for preterm labor 20
Active management of the third stage of labor 80
Neonatal resuscitation 40*
  1. *Default LiST value in Spectrum V5.04. Source: Consultation with expert South African panel.