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Table 1 Model validation results: reference and modelled travel times by major destination

From: Determinants of delays in travelling to an emergency obstetric care facility in Herat, Afghanistan: an analysis of cross-sectional survey data and spatial modelling

Village/area of residence District Province Features of the roads between the village and Herat Hospital Reference time (minutes) Initial model results (minutes) Final model results (minutes)
Guzara district centre Guzara Herat Paved roads 15 21.5 21.5
Qala-i-Naw district centre Qala-i-Naw Badghis All types of roads passing through mountains 240-300 188.9 244.7
Karukh district centre Karukh Herat Paved roads 30-40 38.8 38.8
Turghundi Kushk Herat Paved roads but not very smooth 120 93.7 93.7
Islam Qala Kohsan Herat Paved roads only 90-100 97.1 97.1
Shahrak district centre Shahrak Ghor In the mountains 540-600 304.7 415.1
Dara-Takht Chishiti Sherif Herat Tracks 360 244.9 250.9
Shindand district centre Shindand Herat Paved roads 100-120 128.3 130.3
Chishiti Sherif district centre Chishiti Sherif Herat Tracks 270 208.4 208.4
Obe district centre Obe Herat Tracks but relatively flat 150-180 162.4 162.5
Pashtun Zarghun district centre Pashtun Zarghun Herat Tracks but relatively flat 90 117.2 117.2
Chartaz Jawand Badghis All types of roads passing through mountains 720 383.4 728.6