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Table 5 Contributing factors according to the 3-delays method (for near-miss cases)

From: Maternal near miss and maternal deaths in Mozambique: a cross-sectional, region-wide study of 635 consecutive cases assisted in health facilities of Maputo province

Factors associated with delay in seeking health care (1st delay) n = 360 (63.8%)
Desire for home delivery (traditional orientation, lack of confidence in the health system, etc.)  
Lack of information/knowledge of the problem  
Inadequate antenatal care (late attendance, delayed visits, etc.)  
Non-compliance with health provider’s advice (medication intake, referral to appropriate care, etc.)  
Belief in alternative care (relying on traditional healers or natural remedies)  
Refusal of treatment for an unwanted pregnancy (circumstancial evidence of induced abortion)  
Factors associated with delay in reaching the health system (2nd delay) n = 120 (21.3%)
Lack of resources (money, transportation means, roads,etc.)  
Factors associated with delays within the health system (3rd delay) n = 393 (69.7%)
Delay in patient admission, patient referral, patient treatment  
Lack of resources (blood derivates, operating theatre, ultrasound, etc.)  
Sub-standard care (inappropriate diagnosis/treatment,unfriendly attitude,untrained health worker,etc.)