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Table 1 MumBubConnect text and response examples

From: Can a text message a week improve breastfeeding?

Key word texted by mother Automated response received
  How's breastfeeding going today? If you have stopped, text STOP to let us know.
Happy Great! Breastfeeding is a skill, and it sounds as though you and your baby have learned fast! Call 1800 686 2 686 if needed.
Average Breastfeeding takes time for you and baby to master and you are doing fine so far. Call 1800 686 2 686 if you need help.
Sore Maybe vary feeding position, and make sure baby has a full mouthful of breast. Call 1800 686 2 686 for help.
Engorged Let your baby feed more often, and make sure breasts are drained. Use a cold pack to help, and call 1800 686 2 686.
Always (Feeding) When baby's suck slows down and breast is drained, take a break, change activity. Call 1800 686 2 686 for help.