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Table 1 Data collection: source of information and variables concerning

From: Care-related factors associated with antepartal diagnosis of intrauterine growth restriction: a case–control study

Data source Field Variables concerning
Computer-assisted personal Interview (CAPI) General information Age*, Weight*, lengths*
CAPI; pregnancy record book Pregnancy and maternal medical conditions Weight gain during pregnancy, diseases and infections during pregnancy**, number, time and reason for any hospitalization during pregnancy
CAPI Tobacco, coffee and substance consumption Smoking habits*, alcohol intake*, drug intake, coffee consumption
CAPI; pregnancy record book Use of antenatal care Number and time of antenatal care visits, Number and time of routine ultrasonography, further examinations during pregnancy (specialists), parity (live/stillbirth, miscarriages, etc.), type of medical institution
Pregnancy record book; newborn documentation sheet Newborn child Date of birth, sex, gestational age at birth, birth weight, birth lengths, head circumference, APGAR score, mode of delivery, IUGR/SGA diagnosis, number of siblings, birth order, diseases or birth defects of newborn (e.g. trisomy 21, congenital malformations)
CAPI Socio-demographic and economic information Marital status, migrant background, family size, school and professional education, occupation, family income
Self-administered questionnaire (physician survey) Further care-related factors Quality of ultrasonography equipment, examiner’s ultrasonography experience and qualification level, decision-making process, certificate for ultrasonography, prenatal health information on IUGR
  1. *Information on both mother and father.
  2. **Confirmed by a doctor.