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Table 5 Overview of goals and achievement rates in three categories: training, system and infrastructure, and teamwork

From: Team training in obstetric and neonatal emergencies using highly realistic simulation in Mexico: impact on process indicators

Category Number of goals identified (124 total) Number of goals achieved (73 goals, 58.8%) Examples of goals achieved Examples of goals not achieved
Training 35 28 (80%) Replicate simulation scenarios with PartoPants™ Train in manual uterine vacuum aspiration
Train other personnel in Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor Improve record keeping for charts
Train additional personnel in teamwork concepts  
Train additional personnel in communication rules  
System and Infrastructure 56 30 (53%) Implement an alarm system useful throughout the hospital, emergency department, labor and delivery, pediatrics Acquire new ambu bags for neonatal resuscitation
Acquire medications such as Misoprostol, Oxytocin Establish meetings between hospital Director and local government health authorities
Refrigeration of oxytocin and/or ergonovine Access to locked ultrasound machine evening and weekends
Move refrigerator close to delivery room Reorganize shift coverage to make sure adequate care available
Create inventory of available medications for obstetric emergencies Specialty care available in all shifts
Repair ambulance  
Teamwork and Communication 33 15 (45%) Post and promote characteristics of a strong leader Improve work environment through courses and seminars
Use communication rules with colleagues and explain their use to non-PRONTO trained colleagues Establish system of individual stimuli for better attitude and teamwork- “provider of the month”ss
Meeting between PRONTO participants and hospital authorities, Medical and Nursing Directors, to discuss action plan and implementation