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Table 4 Impact of training nurse-aides as birth attendants on stillbirths and perinatal mortality

From: Delivering interventions to reduce the global burden of stillbirths: improving service supply and community demand

Source Location and Type of Study Intervention Stillbirths/Perinatal Outcomes
Observational studies
Manungo et al. 1996 [61] Zimbabwe. Rural hospital.
Retrospective analysis of records. N = 1459 deliveries, of which N = 824 (57%) were conducted by nurse aides.
Compared the impact of the nurse-aide-conducted deliveries (exposed) vs. those by the trained medical staff (unexposed) on perinatal mortality. SBR: 1/824 vs. 13/635 in the nurse aide vs. trained staff groups, respectively.
PMR: 5/1000 vs. 57/1000 births in the exposed vs. non-exposed groups, respectively.