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Table 14 Interventions with evidence of synergistic impact on stillbirth and maternal and neonatal health outcomes

From: Delivering interventions to reduce the global burden of stillbirths: improving service supply and community demand

  Evidence of stillbirth reduction Maternal benefit Neonatal/infant benefit
Antenatal multiple micronutrient supplementation * Reduced anemia (iron-containing supplements) Improved micronutrient status and survival
Balanced protein-energy supplementation * Improved nutritional status Reductions in low birth weight
Maternal deworming * Reduced anemia, improved nutritional status  
Syphilis screening and treatment ** Eradication of syphilis infection Reductions in congenital syphilis (neonatal morbidity and mortality)
Malaria chemoprophylaxis * Reduced burden of malaria and anemia, reduced maternal mortality  
Insecticide-treated bed net use in pregnancy ** Reduced burden of malaria and anemia, reduced maternal mortality  
Intrapartum cardiotocography with or without pulse oximetry * - Reduced birth asphyxia, neonatal mortality
Emergency obstetric care packages **1 Reduced maternal morbidity and mortality Reduced neonatal morbidity and mortality
  1. * Some evidence of benefit
  2. ** Clear evidence of benefit
  3. 1Based on observational data