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Table 13 Possible delivery strategies for interventions with some or clear evidence of impact on stillbirths

From: Delivering interventions to reduce the global burden of stillbirths: improving service supply and community demand

  Mass media (including social marketing strategies, health days, etc) Facilitated community and advocacy groups TBAs Trained CHWs (outreach workers) Community-based professional midwives Other cadres of facility-based health workers Medical/nursing staff in first-level facilities
Multiple micronutrient supplementation   + +
Balanced protein-energy supplementation   + +
Anti-malarials in pregnancy + +  
Insecticide-treated bed nets in pregnancy +  
Heparin in pregnancy for clotting disorders and antiphospholipid syndrome       
Anti-helminthic treatment in pregnancy    
Syphilis screening and treatment in pregnancy     +  
Management of intrahepatic cholestasis in pregnancy       
Fetal movement counting (in high-risk pregnancy)    + +
Doppler monitoring (in high-risk pregnancy)       
Intrapartum cardiotocography (with access to Caesarean section)       
Amniotic fluid volume assessment in pregnancy       
Emergency obstetric care packages, including Caesarean section   + + + +
Elective induction of labour in post-term pregnancies    +   +  
Planned Caesarean section for term breech presentation*      +  
Perinatal audit       
  1. Provision of intervention
  2. + Promotion of intervention
  3. * Only advised in areas with ability to perform safe caesarean section