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Table 2 Gene networks* overrepresented by differentially expressed genes associated with preterm delivery

From: Early pregnancy peripheral blood gene expression and risk of preterm delivery: a nested case control study

Genes in Network Score Focus genes Functions
14-3-3, AKAP12, Akt, ALK, Ap1, BIRC5, CaMKII, CD53, CD69, CDC25A, CYP2E1, E2f, FAM46A, FCER1A, FLT1, GATA2, HDC, Histone h3, HMGA2, IGHM, Mapk, NEFL, NFkB, P38 MAPK, PDGF BB, PRL, PROC, RGS7, SYNPO2, TAGLN, TIRAP, TNFRSF13B, TOP2A, Vegf, ZBTB10 49 24 Immune and Lymphatic System Development and Function, Tissue Morphology, Hematological System Development and Function
BMI1, CBS, CDCA5, CDKN2A, DHX8, DHX15, EEF1A1, EXOSC4, GAS7, GFM1, GPRC5A, HADHA, HOXA1, HOXA2, HOXA9, HOXA3 (includes EG:3200), HOXB2, HOXB9, HOXC5, ID4, KIF1B, MBNL1, MEG3 (includes EG:55384), MEIS2, MPHOSPH1, P4HA2, PBX1, PBXIP1, RCBTB2, RECQL4, retinoic acid, SKIV2L, TLX2, TMSB10, WSB1 24 14 Cellular Development, Nervous System Development and Function, Cell Cycle
AK2, androsterone, CCNI, CDK2, CKB, dihydrotestosterone, ECH1, GPD2, HIPK1, HSD17B6, KAP, LOC645619, MAK, ME1, MMP17, MS4A3, NCKAP1, NR6A1, RASAL2, SAMD4A, SEC22B, SLC16A7, SLC1A4, SLC45A3, SMURF1, SRGAP2, SVIL, TALDO1, thyroid hormone, TNF, WDR90, WT1, WTAP, YWHAG, ZNF7 22 13 Organ Development, Organ Morphology, Reproductive System Development and Function
ABP1, AKT1, amino acids, ANK3, CDKN3, CDKN1A, CHST13, EGF, HGF, HS3ST2, HS3ST5, HS3ST6, HS3ST3A1, HS3ST3B1, HS3ST4 (includes EG:9951), MYBL2, NEK4, NUSAP1, PCDHGA11, PCDHGC3, PELO, PRKAA1, RAMP1, SMP2A, SPG20, sulfotransferase, SULT1A2, SULT1A4, SULT1B1, SULT1C2, SULT1C4, SULT4A1, TERT, UST, ZNF622 22 13 Carbohydrate Metabolism, Amino Acid Metabolism, Post-Translational Modification
ABCB9, ACSBG1, ACSL3, ACSL4, ACSL5, ACSL6, ATP, butyric acid, C1QTNF2, CPA3, DDAH1, Ggt, GGT2, GGT3, GGT6, GGTL3, GGTL4, GGTLA1, GGTLA4, HOM-TES-103, IL13, JARID1A, KRAS, MTAP, NFYB, NR3C1, oleic acid, PITRM1, RERE, RPL41, SLC26A6, SLC7A5, ST8SIA4, TRIM45, ZNF610 19 12 Lipid Metabolism, Small Molecule Biochemistry, Molecular Transport
ACE2, AGT, BDKRB1, CCL2, CD177, CEBPB, CIITA, CRYBB2, CSF3, DARC, EMR1, ENPEP, EP300, HDAC1 (includes EG:3065), HLA-DOA, HLA-DOB, HLA-DQB1, HOPX, HP, IK, INMT, KNG1 (includes EG:3827), LPP, MCOLN2, MSH5, NAP1L1, PFKFB3, progesterone, PTGDS, RFXAP, RRM2, SALL1, SERBP1, TMEM176A, XPNPEP1 19 12 Cell-To-Cell Signaling and Interaction, Inflammatory Disease, Cardiovascular System Development and Function
  1. *The networks were generated through the use of Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (Ingenuity® Systems, Each gene identifier was mapped to its corresponding gene object in the Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base (IPKB). These genes were overlaid onto a global molecular network developed from information contained in the IPKB. Network enrichment is then assessed using a network score (negative log of p-values of Fisher tests). Focus genes (in bold) are genes identified in our list of differentially expressed genes. Networks shown here are those with network scores > 3.0.