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Table 3 Perceived reasons for ANC by time of attendance

From: The use of antenatal and postnatal care: perspectives and experiences of women and health care providers in rural southern Tanzania

Perceived reasons for early antenatal care Perceived reasons for late antenatal care
To confirm early pregnancy To avoid coming to the clinic many times
To prevent miscarriage Lack of money
To diagnose and treat illness associated with early pregnancy Fear of encountering wild animals on the way to the clinic that could cause physical or spiritual harm
To check or monitor the development of the baby Unsure of being pregnant
To get a clinic card in order to guarantee being attended in case of emergencies Apathy or laziness (Uzembe)
To get advice from the nurses Being away from one's village or living in a remote place
To avoid being reprimanded by clinic staff for late initiation of ANC Shyness or embarrassment, particularly among older women and school-age girls