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Table 1 Summary of barusiban and atosiban PK/PD characteristics

From: Barusiban suppresses oxytocin-induced preterm labour in non-human primates

Pharmacodynamics (PD) Barusiban Atosiban
Onset of action, hours ≤0.5–1.5 ≤0.5–1.0
Efficacy (decrease in IUP), % ≤98 ≤96
Duration of action, hours > 13–15 1–3
Potency (IC50), ng/ml 12.7 47.4
Pharmacokinetics (PK) Barusiban Atosiban
Half-life, hours 1.46–2.57 0.46–0.66
Clearance, ml h-1 kg-1 25–66 539–936
Distribution, ml kg-1 70–159 359–640
  1. The values in the table represent the overall results obtained for barusiban and atosiban given IV as high- or low-dose bolus or infusion, respectively to pregnant cynomolgus monkeys [16]. The plasma samples were analysed with liquid chromatography and tandem mass-spectroscopy.