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Table 2 STAN® clinical guidelines: ST-changes that prompt clinical intervention, such as delivery or solving a cause of fetal distress

From: A randomised clinical trial on cardiotocography plus fetal blood sampling versus cardiotocography plus ST-analysis of the fetal electrocardiogram (STAN®) for intrapartum monitoring

  Intermediary CTG Abnormal CTG
Episodic T/QRS-rise (duration < 10 min) Increase > 0.15 from baseline Increase > 0.10 from baseline
Baseline T/QRS-rise (duration ≥ 10 min) Increase > 0.10 from baseline Increase > 0.05 from baseline
Biphasic ST (a component of the ST-segment below the baseline) Continuous >5 min or >2 episodes of coupled Biphasic ST type 2 or 3 Continuous >2 min or >1 episode of coupled Biphasic ST type 2 or 3
  1. The ST log requires 20 minutes recording for automatic ST analysis to start. A decrease in signal quality with insufficient number of T/QRS measurements requires manual data analysis.