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Table 4 Simulation of client education and counselling along focused ANC guidelines.

From: How much time do health services spend on antenatal care? Implications for the introduction of the focused antenatal care model in Tanzania

Issue of counselling Time (in min)
Process of pregnancy and its complications 02:10
diet and nutrition 02:20
rest and exercise in pregnancy 01:00
personal hygiene 01:40
danger signs in pregnancy 03:00
use of drugs in pregnancy 01:00
effects of STI/HIV/AIDS 00:30
Voluntary counselling and testing for HIV* 01:00
Care of breasts and breast feeding 00:20
symptoms/signs of labour 01:10
plans of delivery 01:20
plans for postpartum care 00:30
family planning 03:20
harmful habits 00:20
schedule of return visit 00:20
time for any other questions 01:00
TOTAL 21:00
  1. * Here, the client was only informed about the option of voluntary counselling and testing and was encouraged to accept the offer. No actual counselling and testing was undertaken