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Table 1 Focused antenatal care model Tanzania (checklist)

From: How much time do health services spend on antenatal care? Implications for the introduction of the focused antenatal care model in Tanzania

Focused antenatal care
Parameter First visit (< 16 weeks) Second visit 20–24 weeks Third visit 28–32 weeks Fourth visit (36 weeks)
1. Registration    
2. History taking
Personal history    
Family history    
Social history    
Past medical/surgical history    
History of complaints in current pregnancy
3. Examination
Head to toe (whole body)
Oedema (other than ankle-specify)
Lungs and heart   
4. Observation and clinical investigation
Blood pressure
5. Obstetric complications
Fundal height
Foetal presentation and engagement   
Foetal heart sound  
6. Pelvic (vaginal) examination
Soft tissue assessment   
Bony pelvic assessment    
7. Laboratory investigations
Grouping and rhesus factor    
HIV testing    
Protein, sugar, acetone
8. Drug administration and immunization
Folic acid
Antimalarials (Fansidar 3 tablets)    
Tetanus toxoid  
9. Client Education and counselling (for the couple)
Process of pregnancy and its complications
Diet and nutrition
Rest and exercise in pregnancy
Personal hygiene    
Danger signs in pregnancy
Use of drugs in pregnancy
Effects of STI/HIV/AIDS
Voluntary counselling and testing for HIV    
Care of breasts and breast feeding   
Symptoms/signs of labour   
Plans of delivery (emergency preparedness, place of delivery, transportation, financial arrangements)
Plans for postpartum care   
Family planning   
Harmful habits (e.g. smoking, drug abuse, alcoholism)
Schedule of return visit