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Table 4 Themes related to care emerging from interviews

From: A qualitative study of an integrated maternity, drugs and social care service for drug-using women

Theme Example
Attitude of staff "They didn't make you feel like it was something to be ashamed of. They made you feel worth something that you were here, at least you are trying you know..."
"They had time for me...they wouldn't shove me out the door, they waited till I had finished"
Continuity of carer "... having the same people because they know you and you know don't have to keep repeating yourself, telling your story over and over again."
High level of support "I think it's important to drug users to go more often. I mean if you are going to relapse then there is somebody there to talk to."
Information "They told you all about the drugs. I was quite far on and I didn't know that crack cocaine can kill the baby and I was a regular user. That's extremely important. They don't tell you that anywhere else"
Integrated care "They all interlink with each other, you know....that was really, really saves you having to's all in one building, so it was really good."
"... you don't want to have to keep telling people that you are a user, you only want to say it once for everybody to know."