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Table 3 Enabling factors derived from principle factor analysis with varimax rotation for the MSSCQ

From: The Mother-Newborn Skin-to-Skin Contact Questionnaire (MSSCQ): development and psychometric evaluation among Iranian midwives

Factor 13: Managerial-planning with 4 statements Loadings
1. Presence of a supportive program in the ministry improves skin-to-skin contact. 0.550
2. Skill-teaching programs in hospital improve skin-to-skin contact. 0.609
3. Placing skin-to-skin contact in policies of the ministry of health will improve its implementation. 0.479
4. Encouraging the midwife by hospital authorities will improve skin-to-skin contact. 0.375
Test- re-test* ICC = 1.000
Cronbach’s α coefficient of Factor 13 0.64
Eigen values 1.531
Explained variance (%) 1.82
Factor 12: Service provided to mother with 5 statement Loadings
5. Physiologic delivery has a positive impact on skin-to-skin contact. 0.011
6. Encouraging the mother to have skin contact in labor room will improve skin-to-skin contact. 0.209
7. Collaboration of the labor-supporting team improves skin-to-skin contact. 0.680
8. Availability of adequate human resources in labor room improves skin-to-skin contact. 0.653
9. Professional ethical commitment of the midwife improves skin-to-skin contact. 0.446
Test- re-test* ICC = 1.000
Cronbach’s α coefficient of Factor 12 0.50
Eigen values 1.725
Explained variance (%) 2.05
Factor 2: Preparations with 9 statement Loadings
10. Educating mothers during pregnancy improves skin-to-skin contact. 0.246
11. Educating companions improves skin-to-skin contact. 0.368
12. Educating the parents before pregnancy improves skin-to-skin contact. 0.339
13. Legalizing skin-to-skin contact improves its implementation in hospitals. 0.639
14. Including skin-to-skin contact in educational curricula of medical and midwifery students will improve its implementation. 0.582
15. Mandating skin-to-skin contact to all hospitals will improve its implementation. 0.699
16. Placing a point for skin-to-skin contact in ranking of hospitals will improve its implementation. 0.821
17. Developing regulations for evaluating midwives based on skin-to-skin contact will improve its implementation. 0.761
18. The supervision of authorities on correct skin-to-skin contact will improve its implementation. 0.709
Test- re-test* ICC = 1.000
Cronbach’s α coefficient of Factor 2 0.85
Eigen values 5.256
Explained variance (%) 6.26
Cumulative variance (%) 22.75
Total test-re test of enabling factors structure ICC = 1.000
Total Cronbach’s α coefficient of enabling factors structure 0.85
  1. *Test- re-test stability with a 2-week interval (n = 60).