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Table 1 Summary of the chronology of study interventions

From: Maternal positioning to correct occipito-posterior fetal position in labour: a randomised controlled trial

Time 0: Time 1: Time 2: Time 3
Diagnosis of occipito-posterior (OP) position of the fetal head Randomisation and intervention Evaluation of pain and comfort position 15 minutes after randomisation Diagnosis of the fetal head position 1 hour after randomisation
Action: Action: Action for both groups: Action for both groups:
Confirmation of diagnosis by ultrasound (US). “Control group” = expectative attitude for 1 hour in a comfortable position, excluding the 6 fitted hands and knees positions. Women complete a short questionnaire about perceived pain (Visual Analogue Scale) and positional comfort (Likert scale). Diagnosis of fetal head position by US.
After the measure of the main outcome, the woman can freely take the position of her choice, including hands and knees.
Information and consent of the woman to participate to the study.
“Intervention group” = installation in one of the 6 fitted hands and knees’ position chosen by the woman for at least 10 minutes.