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Table 2 Information about cases of maternal death and the delays in getting emergency health care

From: Maternal deaths in eastern Indonesia: 20 years and still walking: an ethnographic study

Case First delay Second delay Third delay – adequate care Time from delivery to death Age of woman Prior live births High risk? Antenatal care? Married? Baby survived?
→in decision to seek care – in reaching care  
  Emergency recognised? Was help sought? Delays in transmitting message seeking help? Delays in help arriving? Was care effective?        
1 Delayed Yes Yes, walked to traditional birth attendant Yes, walked No care received 3 hour 20 0 No No No Yes
3 Delayed Yes Yes, walked Yes, walked No care received 4 days 27 0 No Yes Yes Yes
4 Delayed No, wet season travel too difficult No care sought No care received 5 days 29 0 No Yes Yes 2 months  
7 Yes No, ashamed No care sought No care received 1 day 28 0 No No No Yes  
8 Yes Yes, delayed, cadre said wait until dawn No, midwife phoned (at dawn) No, midwife came immediately by motorbike, arrived after death No care received   24 1 No Yes Yes ^ Yes
6 Yes Yes Yes, walked to midwife Yes, midwife at another birth No care received 1 hour   3 No Yes Yes # Yes
5 Yes* Yes No, phoned clinic Yes, ambulance broke down No care received 2 days   4 Yes, twins Yes Yes Survived birth, one died later
2 Yes Yes Some delay, motorbike to clinic No Hospital care not successful 2 days 27 3 Yes, prior illness Yes Yes 1 hour
  1. *Nurse present, no training birth assistant at all other births.
  2. #Traditional marriage ceremonies not completed.