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Table 1 Questions used to evaluate obstetric and neonatal care knowledge and skills of providers

From: Current evidence on basic emergency obstetric and newborn care services in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; a cross sectional study

Obstetric knowledge and skills Neonatal care knowledge and skills
1. Diagnosing labour (4) 1. Diagnosing Birth Asphyxia (4)
Dilation of the cervix Depressed breathing
Regular uterine contractions Floppiness
Discharge of blood and mucus Heart rate < 100 beats per minute
Breaking of the waters/ruptured membranes Central cyanosis
2. Monitoring a woman is in labour (9) 2. Preliminary steps of neonatal resuscitation (6)
Foetal heart beat Place new born face up
Dialation of the cervix Wrap baby, except for face and upper chest
Maternal blood pressure Position baby’s head so neck is extended
Uterine contractions Aspirate mouth and then nose
Maternal pulse Stimulate by rubbing back
Maternal temperature Explain process to mother
Descent of the head 3. Steps of bag and mask resuscitation
Colour of amniotic fluid Cover baby’s chin, mouth and nose with mask
Degree of moulding Ensure seal
3. Steps of AMTSL Ventilate 40 times per min
Immediate oxytocin (1 to 2 min) Pause to determine breathing
Controlled cord traction 4. Care for baby who failed to breathe (3)
Uterine massage Continue ventilation with bag and mask
4. Observation for PPH (6) Assess need for special care
Sign of shock Explain to mother what is happening
Signs of anaemia 5. Immediate new born care provided (10)
Retained products or retained placenta Clean the mouth, face and nose
Amount of external blood Ensure the baby is breathing
Damage to the genital tract Ensure the baby is dry
Whether uterus is contracted Observe for colour
5. Care for a woman with PPH (6) Care for the umbilical cord
Begin intravenous fluids Provide prophylaxis for eyes
Give ergometrine or oxytocin (IV or IM) Weigh the baby
Manually remove retained products Thermal protection (skin to skin)
Examine woman for lacerations Begin breastfeeding within first hour
Massage the fundus Evaluate/examine baby within first hour