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Table 4 Women’s experience of fetal movements during the observations as expressed in their written statements

From: Women’s experiences of two different self-assessment methods for monitoring fetal movements in full-term pregnancy - a crossover trial

Number reporting the experience Number of the observation Method Statement
2 First Count-to-ten It’s satisfying and fun to feel the movements.
4 Second Count-to-ten It always felt good when you felt the movements.
27 First Count-to-ten I experienced it as the baby responded.
2 Second Mindfetalness Exciting to wait for the next sensation. Funny every time I feel something. Particularly stimulating if it is powerful and strong, and when you see the movements from outside. Feels safe with activity.
4 Second Mindfetalness It felt good all the time. It's a great feeling when you know that the baby is moving and I´m very happy and pleased.
8 Second Mindfetalness The movements from the baby make me calm and secure.
11 Second Mindfetalness Truly felt like I had contact with the baby.
12 Second Mindfetalness I experienced that when I was listening inward the baby was listening vis-a-vis as if there was a communication between us.
15 Second Mindfetalness Felt like the baby was moving even more, although I did not feel anything.
20 Second Mindfetalness Probably she was a little tired today, because I am.
27 Second Mindfetalness Once more I felt that the baby reacted when I put my hand there (on the belly)
28 Second Mindfetalness Lovely.
33 Second Mindfetalness Hard to describe.
36 Second Mindfetalness To feel the movements I had to concentrate more than the last time.