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Table 1 Women not participating in the study (N = 38)

From: Women’s experiences of two different self-assessment methods for monitoring fetal movements in full-term pregnancy - a crossover trial

Reason n Explanation
Not possible to contact 15 Did not answer telephone call and did not decline by sending reply form
Declined by reply form 1 No explanation given
Declined by telephone 5 “stressed out”
“will soon give birth”
“difficult to explain how fetal movements feels”
“not that interested, not feeling well”
“having a planned caesarean section”
Gave birth before the first observation
Gave birth 5 No explanation given
Canceled planned observation 8  
Midwife did not distribute letter 2 The women declines to receive written information about the study
  1. Interrupted observation 2 Inactive baby during first observation.