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Table 2 Interview schedule for health professionals and community workers

From: How do Australian maternity and early childhood health services identify and respond to the settlement experience and social context of refugee background families?

Current position • Organisation, role, length of time in role
Experience of working with Afghan/refugee community • Frequency, number of clients
  • Identifying refugee background
  • Perspective of health, social and cultural issues in community
  • Patterns of service utilisation of clients
  • Perspectives of male and female roles at the time of having a baby and after birth
Assessments, screenings conducted with clients • Assessments conducted: social and emotional wellbeing
  • Identification of what is happening in Afghan clients’ lives
  • Referrals: are they made; to where?
  • Continuity of care provided
  • Practices developed to respond to the needs of Afghan and refugee background families
Interpreter use • Identifying need for interpreter
  • Current uptake, any issues
  • Bicultural workers
Information and advice provided to clients • Access to appropriate translated information
  • Perspectives of understanding/adherence of advice given
  • Unmet needs
  • Other information/resources required
Ways of working better • Support for health care professionals
  • Support for community to access/engage with services
  • Working with other agencies
  • Organisational change to support working with refugee families