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Table 7 Adjusted odds ratios of factors associated with obstetric complications or near misses among women with live births

From: Risk factors for reported obstetric complications and near misses in rural northwest Bangladesh: analysis from a prospective cohort study

Independent variables Live births (n = 25,687)
Biological factors  
Age 18–35 years (ref)  
 Age <18 years 1.16***
 Age >35 years 1.20***
Parity 1–2 (ref)  
 Nulliparity 1.19***
 Parity > 2 1.12
No previous stillbirth or miscarriage (ref)  
 Adverse obstetric history 1.14***
MUAC ≥ 21.5 cm (ref)  
 MUAC < 21.5 cm 1.08
Socioeconomic factors  
Wealth index – Lowest quartile (ref)  
 Wealth index - 2nd quartile 1.00
 Wealth index - 3rd quartile 1.01
 Wealth index - Highest quartile 1.00
Maternal illiteracy (ref)  
 Maternal literacy 1.04
Psychosocial factors  
Both partners wanted pregnancy (ref)  
 Only one partner wanted pregnancy 1.00
 Neither partner wanted pregnancy 1.16***
Care during pregnancy  
Did not attend any antenatal visits (ref)  
 Attended at least one antenatal visit 0.88**
  1. Results are adjusted by year and season of pregnancy outcome. ANC data available on women with live births only.
  2. **p-value <0.01.
  3. ***p-value <0.001.