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Table 3 Delivery characteristics among 27,241 women with live births or stillbirths in rural northwest Bangladesh (2007–2011)

From: Risk factors for reported obstetric complications and near misses in rural northwest Bangladesh: analysis from a prospective cohort study

Characteristics % (n)
Place of delivery (among 27,241 women with live births or stillbirths)
Home 86% (23,427)
Health facility 14% (3,814)
Skilled attendance at birth a (among 27,241 women with live births or stillbirths)
Doctor, nurse, or family welfare visitor 15% (4,086)
Relatives, family, or neighbors only 45% (12,389)
Untrained TBA 29% (7,900)
Trained TBA 17% (4,710)
Antenatal care visits b (among 26,283 women with live births)
At least one visit 27% (7,096)
No visits 73% (19,187)
  1. Abbreviations: TBA = traditional birth attendant.
  2. aMultiple attendants could be listed. 948 women with untrained TBAs also reported relatives, family members, or neighbors present. 896 women with trained TBAs also reported untrained TBAs, relatives, family, or neighbors present.
  3. bData on ANC visits was available for 26,283 women with at least one live birth.