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Table 6 Overview of instruments and measures used in the AQUA study (under copyright and/or published)

From: Study protocol: Asking QUestions about Alcohol in pregnancy (AQUA): a longitudinal cohort study of fetal effects of low to moderate alcohol exposure

Items Questionnaire 1 Questionnaire 2 Questionnaire 3 Questionnaire 4 Questionnaire 5
Family history of alcohol problems Family Tree questionnaire (FTQ)(modified) [60]     
Maternal psychological well being Assessment of Quality of Life (AQoL-6D) [61] AQoL-6D AQoL-6D AQoL-6D; Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS, 21 items); [62] Mother-to-Infant Bonding Scale [63] DASS
Diet   Dietary Questionnaire for Epidemiological Studies (DQES v2)    
Family structure & relationships     McMaster Family Assessment Device (General Functioning Subscale; [64] LSAC Reciprocal Support for Parenting, Argumentative relationship; [65] List of Threatening Experiences (modified); [66] Quality of Co-parental Interaction Scale (Conflict Subscale) [65, 67] As in Questionnaire 4
Parenting style     Global rating of self-efficacy; [65] Child Rearing Questionnaire (6/30 items); [65, 68] Hostile Parenting Scale [69] As in Questionnaire 4
Social disadvantage     Social risk index; [52] LSAC Social Support and Community Connectedness; [65] As in Questionnaire 4
Child health     Children with Special Health Care Needs Screener (CSHCN) [22] As in Questionnaire 4
Neurodevelopment     Brief Infant Toddler Social Emotional Assessment (BITSEA);†† Infant/Toddler Sensory Profile (ITSP)††† As in Questionnaire 4
  1. The authors thank Professor Graham Giles of the Cancer Epidemiology Centre of The Cancer Council Victoria, for permission to use the Dietary Questionnaire for Epidemiological Studies (Version 2), Melbourne: The Cancer Council Victoria, 1996.
  2. ††Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment (BITSEA). Copyright © 2000 Yale University and University of Massachusetts. Computer adaptation Copyright © 2012 Yale University and University of Massachusetts. Reproduced with permission of the publisher NCS Pearson, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. †††Infant/Toddler Sensory Profile. Copyright © 2002 NCS Pearson, Inc. Computer adaptation Copyright © 2012 NCS Pearson, Inc. Adapted and reproduced with permission. All rights reserved.